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Welcome to the American Cricket Revolution

We are the American Premier League (APL), a new cricket league based in the United States that embraces the communities and cultures that make up the soul of cricket. We have been planning a historic cricket tournament in New Jersey for this September and are so excited to finally be seeing it come to life!

Our league will be made up of seven cricket teams: Americans, Indians, Windees, English, Aussees, Paks, and Bengalees. Our Founder and CEO, Jay Mir, decided to name these teams as an homage to the communities across the world who love cricket. “A lot of leagues are being organized all over United States, but the idea of teams named after states or cities has been tried multiple times and it has failed miserably. This idea will never fly in North America. When it comes to cricket, we can all witness absolute empty stands from Canada all the way to Florida,” he said. “The reason cricket matches have such empty stands in U.S. and Canada has to do with a fundamental flaw in their business model. We’ve changed that model to reflect what fans actually want. And it starts with exciting teams, with names and matches that can generate huge media and sponsorship interest, like ‘Indians vs Paks,’ or ‘Aussees vs English.’”

Want to get involved? There are plenty of ways to join us.

Purchase tickets for our historic tournament! Tickets start at $20. Matches take place this September at Yogi Berra Stadium in Little Falls, NJ. Tickets are already moving quickly for our Indians vs Paks match and the Finals! You can purchase your tickets HERE.
Play cricket? Try out to join one of our teams! If you know how to play ticket, APL needs you! This is your chance to play alongside some of the biggest cricket stars and start your cricket career. Register HERE.
Invest in APL by purchasing one of our teams! Starting at $250K, these teams have already been endorsed by legendary cricket players from across the globe. Please reach out to us via phone (914-340-1127) or email ( if you are interested.

We are so excited to bring cricket to the United States! “One can only imagine the power behind an Indians vs Paks or Aussies vs English match in a packed Jersey stadium for the first time. The most important part of any sports league is the pride, excitement and energy generated by the fan base,” Jay Mir said. “Our teams bring that to the field, rallying their fan bases around respective communities to bring the passion and loyalty that sells tickets and fills stands.”

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