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Meet Team Paks Captain: Rizwan Cheema

Team Paks, meet your captain! Pakistani-Canadian cricket star Rizwan Cheema has been named team captain of the Premium Paks Cricket Club. Cheema is a right-handed batsman who also bowls medium pace.

Born and raised in Pakistan, Cheema moved to Canada in his early twenties. Although he had only played cricket at the club level in Pakistan, his skill caught the attention of Canadian cricket leagues. Cheema’s career took off in 2008, making his international cricket debut for the Canadian national team.

Cheema is no stranger to the role of captain. He was named former captain Ashish Bagai’s deputy for the Canada Tour of Sri Lanka in 2009. Later in the season when Bagai suffered an injury, Cheema was named captain for the Caribbean T20 tournament. Cheema was appointed full-time captain of the Canadian team in 2012.

“I’m excited to lead Team Paks to victory in the American Premier League,” Cheema said. “I am proud of my cricket career in Canada, and I always look forward to playing in the United States!”

With Cheema as their captain, Team Paks is setting themselves up to be a real competitor in APL. Tickets for the American Premier League are on sale now, including the highly anticipated Team Paks vs Team Indians match. There are also special Team Paks VIP packages available, which include ticket to every Team Paks match, the APL semi-finals, and the APL finals.

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